Today in the city Twin 17.11.2018
The Anatomy Of An Excellent Scrum Team

Scrum is a proven framework for product success in organizations, but people play a critical role by meeting aggressive deadlines and stepping up to complex demands. Here’s how each of the three main...

The Golden State Warriors Are More Top Heavy Than Ever

The Golden State Warriors have traditionally relied on their "Strength in Numbers". But this year their depth is not quite as strong. Will it come back to hurt them, or will they redefine what "Streng...

Turns out, Pixel 3 is pricier than you think when it comes to storage - CNET

The Pixel 3's starting price is "cheaper" than the iPhone and Galaxy phones, but it's not that much more affordable when you factor in storage.

Nine Ways To Build A More Collaborative Team

Study after study has shown that collaborative teams are more productive overall than teams where each member is sectioned off in their own position.

To Get Loyal Customers, Brands May Need To Give Them A Taste Of Sugar

Loyalty programs may not be earning as much loyalty as hoped, but that’s a sign that these programs need to be redesigned rather than abandoned.

The Time May Be Right To Explore Contract Vehicle Assembly

With the U.S. market becoming more fractionalized in terms of vehicle nameplate sales and with greater uncertainty over the ability to import and export vehicles and components between regions, the ti...

Soccer Clubs Spending More Than Ever In Gamble To Reach English Premier League

Soccer clubs are spending more than ever in a financial gamble to try and reach the English Premier League.

The strangest Black Friday deals of all time - CNET

From brainwave-controlled cat ears to a USS Enterprise sushi set, these weird Amazon Black Friday sales are way better than a discount TV.

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